Our album/photobook Services & Packages

We provide the following packages.

Complete photobook design & compilation, online

Once your photos are uploaded, you are just minutes away from a completely designed, compiled and ready-for-printing album/photobook. Control everything from the collage designs to the number of pages. Whatever your preferences, your album is just a few minutes from complete!

Quick Mini-album

Only want the main highlights of the event? Our mini-album package is perfect for you. In only a few pages, get a mini-album of your event within minutes. Creativity is guaranteed, we compromise nothing for speed or detail!

PSD Templates

If you love our collage designs and would love to have them in PSD format, we've got you covered. Download our creative collages in editable/customisable PSD format.

Creative collage designs.

Choose the collage design(s) you like and use our collage maker customised collage(s) with your photos.

Photobook Cover design

You can design your photobook cover designs, complete with your chosen texts and your logo. You are never more than a click away. Take full advantage of your creative album cover designer.

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